An open letter from our Chair and Founder

Dear Members,

We would like to share with you a message we received form our Chair regarding the achievement of one of Members, Jonelle Casino from our UAE Chapter, who has just earned a diploma in Surveying Practice.

An excerpt of the message below:




This deserves a post in our website and an email announcement.

Jonelle Casino is not really from the QS industry but in the shipping industry.

He applied for PICQS Membership as a Provisional Member and completed his P3T. i guess he also completed his PAP 1.

I encouraged him to study a diploma at CEM and expectedly he was rejected by CEM at the beginning but i did appeal.

His education at CEM is also not easy. I have to mentor him, guide him and try to inculcate the qs practice in his studies because he is not a practising QS.

He also failed in one subject and I could still recall that i am checking his assignments while i am on my NZ tour the 1st time.

Now he has graduated because of his perseverance and Jonelle is a bright man and while he is busy with his day job, he is still an active Membership Committee Member and a sports committee marshall.

This deserves a post so our Members can be inspired and motivated.


Julie Christie M. dela Cruz
Chair and Founder, PICQS