ICEC Membership Confirmation – PICQS

Dear Julie & the PICQS Executive Board,

On behalf of the ICEC Executive Board I am pleased to inform you that the Philippine Institute of Certified Quantity Surveyors (PICQS) has been approved as a full member of ICEC. As you know, the PICQS application was sent to all ICEC member associations for voting – all votes received were strongly in support of the application.

Please find attached an electronic copy of the ICEC membership certificate. We would like to present the formal framed certificate at an event that is suitable for you – we would like to suggest that the formal presentation be held at the ICEC World Congress in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in October this year. However, we are happy to present the certificate at another event if that is more suitable for you.

We welcome you to the ICEC membership and look forward to many years of collaboration.