IPMS: Residential Buildings

To All Members,

Please find attached latest issuance from the International Property Measurement Standards for your information and reference.

In case you still have not secured a copy of the recently published IPMS: Residential Buildings (published on 26 September 2016), please note that this will now supersede the COMP6. Mandatory use of this standard shall be made mid of next year following the drafting of the Professional Statement by early quarter of next year.


The IPMS: Residential Buildings have the following features:

“The new IPMS: Residential Buildings has revised or added definitions within the standard in order to include the residential specific terms:


  • Balcony: An external platform at an upper floor level with a balustrade to the open sides projecting from or recessed from an External Wall and including in this definition generally accessible rooftop terraces, external galleries and loggia.
  • Patio: A paved or floored terrace, adjacent to a Building, that may or may not be covered by an independent framework.
  • Residential Building: A Building predominantly used for residential purposes, whether or not part of the Building is used for other purposes.
  • Veranda: An open or partly enclosed area on the outside of a Building at ground level (Level 0), and covered by a roof that is an integral part of the Building.

Following market consultations and feedback from practitioners, the SSC has also revised the following definitions of both Internal Dominant Face (IDF) and IDF (Internal Wall Section) – previously called Vertical Section – in order to make these definitions more user friendly:

  • IDF (Internal Dominant Face) Wall Section: Each internal finish of a section of an External Wall, ignoring the existence of any columns, that is either recessed from or protrudes from its adjacent section.

  • Internal Dominant Face (IDF): The inside Finished Surface comprising more than 50% of the floor to ceiling height for each IDF Wall Section. If such does not occur, then the Finished Surface is deemed to be the IDF.