The ICMS Coalition Leadership Team

The ICMS Coalition elected its Leadership Team

The Board of Trustees of the 31 Coalition Members of the International Construction Measurement Standard (ICMS) recently had an election for the Chair, Vice Chair and General Secretary.

The following Trustees were elected:

Chair is Ken Creighton of RICS
Vice Chair is Martin Darley of AACEI
General Secretaries are Julie Christie M. dela Cruz of PICQS and Craig Bye of CIQS

You may wonder why there are 2 General Secretaries. There were two rounds of votation and Julie (PICQS Chair and Founder) and Craig (CIQS Chair) tied for the two rounds of votation and the Board of Scrutineers decided to have two General Secretaries.

On the other hand, the Standard Setting Committee of the ICMS, the committee responsible for preparing the ICMS standard will soon start its work. Our very own William ‘Boyet’ Damot is our nominated representative to the SSC.

Good luck to Julie and Boyet for their contribution to the ICMS. You will certainly bring pride to PICQS for your involvement in this important universal measurement standard that will make a difference in the construction industry.