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  • Gives you the status and recognition when a post nominal from a recognized QS professional body is attached after your name
  • Be part of a pre-eminent All-Filipino global organization
  • Enjoy a wealth of opportunities to network locally and around the world
  • Access to local events and CPD resources for your professional development arranged through the PICQS chapter offices.
  • A highly specialist support team who shall act as your mentors and coaches can offer you technical guidance and professional knowledge in your critical analysis and case study preparation
  • Access to Think Tank Lectures spearheaded by the Founder and Chair of PICQS
  • Benefit of attending study groups and mock interview sessions in preparation for the APC
  • Endorsement of Qualification – Corporate members of PICQS can nominate applicants to apply for membership to recognized QS professional bodies
  • The PICQS will work with prestigious Career Consultants to deliver professional advice on advancing your career in construction
  • As a PICQS member you will be able to guarantee clients the highest quality advice and service. Being a member will fast-track your career and optimize your earning potential both in your own country and internationally.
  • Become future Assessors of recognized QS professional bodies
  • Become part of the future teaching facility for various prestigious universities in the Philippines


2F Herald Building, Muralla Street Intramuros Manila, Philippines
+63 (2) 310 1073

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