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PICQS, Inc. is open to all Filipino Citizens who are trained Quantity Surveyors professionals in accordance to the PICQS, Inc. Guidelines to become a Member.

The membership of the Organization shall consist of Technical Members, Provisional Members, Associate Members and Corporate Members.


- Chartered Filipino QS Members (RICS, AIQS, CIQS or other recognized QS professional bodies overseas)

- QS trained Engineers with approved academic qualifications (i.e. Degree in QS, Diploma in QS or CEM Adaptation in QS) and preparing towards APC

- QS trained Engineers with minimum 3 years experience and now undertaking a QS study

- QS trained Engineers with minimum 5 years practical experience in Quantity Surveying with a Degree in Allied Discipline (Engineering or Architecture) under an approved employment (i.e. a QS firm) and under an approved supervision (member of any QS professional bodies).

- QS trained Engineers with minimum 10 years practical experience in Quantity Surveying with a Degree in Allied Discipline (Engineering or Architecture)



Download file: PICQS Membership Guidelines (2020)



TECHNICAL MEMBERSHIP (TPICQS) - is a non-Quantity Surveying graduate but holds a Degree in an Allied Discipline Course (Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and the like) OR Architecture and is engaged in the practice of Quantity Surveying with at least 1 year experience.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP (APICQS)- is an Associate Member of RICS, an Affiliate Member of the AIQS OR is a OS-trained professional who have obtained a QS Diploma or an approved academic qualification degree or accredited courses from education institutes approved by PICQS OR who are APC (Assessment of Professional Competence) Registered AND with at least 5 years' experience.

CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP (MPICQS) - is a Chartered member of RICS OR Corporate Member of AIQS, CIQS and NZIQS.



There are two entry grade levels namely Student and Provisional Members.

STUDENT MEMBERSHIP - those who have no QS practical experience but are students of Quantity Surveying course and Allied Discipline (Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and the like).

Student Members are different from Provisional Members and these terms are not interchangeable.

PROVISIONAL MEMBERS - are those who have less than 1 year QS practical experience OR with QS practical experience but failed in the interview OR those who have non-cognate degrees but have the passion in pursuing a career in QS AND are working in the construction industry.


Professional behaviour

- Members shall at all times act with integrity, avoid conflicts of interest and do not engage in any actions that are not befitting that of a professional.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

- Members shall plan, undertake and record appropriate continuing professional development of 13 hours per year and submit any evidence to PICQS as required.


- Members shall ensure that they properly manage their personal finances

Provision of Professional Indemnity Insurance

- Any Member who operates his/her own Firm shall ensure that all Works undertaken by the Firm is covered by an adequate and appropriate professional indemnity insurance cover which complies with standards.

Payment of Membership Fee

- Members shall ensure that they pay their annual Membership fee on a timely basis.

High Standard of Service

- Members shall provide the highest standard of professional service

Participation in Meetings/Events

- Members shall actively participate in the following: Annual General Membership Meetings, Annual National Convention, Conferences and Chapter Meetings.

Career Plan Declaration

- Members are required to declare and submit their career plan during the Annual Membership Validation.


The PICQS Ethical Standards are fundamental to establish the required level of professionalism, which consists of:

I – Integrity

T – Trustworthy

E – Equality

A – Accountability

C – Corporate Social Responsibility

H – High Standard of Competence


PICQS programs have been developed not only to help members become professional members of international QS bodies but most importantly, to establish a reciprocity agreement with international QS bodies. Through these programs, PICQS endeavor to get recognized by RICS, AIQS and the rest of the international QS bodies.

PICQS Continuing Professional Development (CPDs)


PICQS conducts a minimum of 4 Continuous Professional Development (CPDs) in each Chapter. The CPD topics are primarily focused on various APC Competencies such as core, optional and mandatory competencies so members will be prepared in their APC journey. CPD improves professional competence and it is mandatory for PICQS Members to undertake and record appropriate CPD hours.

PICQS is a Professional Regulation Board (PRC) Accredited Provider of CPD.

PICQS APC Training Program (LEVEL 1)

PICQS Think Tank Training or P3T is the first training program of the PICQS Structured Training Program. This program provides participants an initial understanding of the Assessment of Professional Competencies (APC) requirements and competencies as defined by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

PICQS APC Training Program (LEVEL 2)

PICQS APC Program 1 for Beginners or PAP1 is a dedicated course for the application of the Core Competencies. PAP1 will specifically address the concern of international and professional quantity surveying bodies (i.e. RICS, AIQS) over the Level 2 qualifications and for those practicing surveyors without RICS and AIQS accredited degree.

PICQS APC Training Program (LEVEL 3)

Guidance and Mentoring Program or GaMP is a 6-week training regarding the written submission of APC candidates. PICQS members who have completed P3T and PAP 1 or those who were APC registered and have been accepted as candidate by other international QS Professional Bodies will have to provide written evidence to demonstrate their competencies before sitting their final assessment interview, also known as the Assessment of Professional Competence (APC).

PICQS APC Training Program (LEVEL 4)

PICQS APC Program 2 (PAP2) is the final level of the PICQS APC Training Program. It is a 4-month intensive training program regarding the Assessment of Professional Competence (APC) against the core, optional and mandatory competencies to help the APC candidate prepare for the final assessment interview.

PICQS APC Training Program is accredited by International Cost Engineering Council (ICEC).



- Gives you the status and recognition when a post nominal from a recognized QS professional body is attached after your name.

- Be part of a pre-eminent All-Filipino global organization.

- Enjoy a wealth of opportunities to network locally and around the world.

- Access to local events and CPD resources for your professional development arranged through the PICQS chapter offices.

- A highly specialist support team who shall act as your mentors and coaches can offer you technical guidance and professional knowledge in your critical analysis and case study preparation.

- Access to Think Tank Lectures spearheaded by the Founder and Chair of PICQS Benefit of attending study groups and mock interview sessions in preparation for the APC.

- Endorsement of Qualification – Corporate members of PICQS can nominate applicants to apply for membership to recognized QS professional bodies.

- The PICQS will work with prestigious Career Consultants to deliver professional advice on advancing your career in construction.

- As a PICQS member you will be able to guarantee clients the highest quality advice and service. Being a member will fast-track your career and optimize your earning potential both in your own country and internationally.

- Become future Assessors of recognized QS professional bodies.

- Become part of the future teaching facility for various prestigious universities in the Philippines.

Assessment of Professional Competence (APC)

In 2019, PICQS will conduct its own Assessment of Professional Competence (APC). The guidelines are still work in progress and Members will be notified once completed.


The proposed requirements will be:

1. Competency statements based on PICQS established competencies.

2. Proof of completion of other PICQS training programs or other recognized external trainings.

3. Duly accomplished PICQS Candidate’s CV downloadable from the PICQS official website.

4. Proof of gained minimum CPD hours.

5. Certification from APC Committee to sit in the APC.

6. Payment of APC fee.


For RICS APC routes, please refer to this link:



For AIQS APC routes, please refer to this link:






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