Frequently Asked Questions

I am outside of the Philippines, can I join PICQS?

PICQS (Philippine Institute of Certified Quantity Surveyors) is open to all naturalized Filipino born QS around the globe. Currently, it has about more than 2000 members worldwide with Chapters in United Kingdom, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, KSA, North America, Singapore, APAC, and the Philippines.

I am a QS and my current location is not mentioned in your Chapters? Can I still join?

Yes, you can. You will be an ‘Overseas’ Member.

What is a Chapter?

Chapters may be formed in a town, city, provinces in the Philippines or in foreign countries by a minimum of five (5) members subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees. The minimum requirement of five (5) members may be increased by the Board of Trustees as it deems necessary. Chapters are prohibited to register as a corporate entity with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The affairs of the Chapter shall be managed by the Chapter President. The Chapter President shall be elected through online voting which shall be held in July every year and shall hold office commencing January 1 the next year. The Immediate Past President of the chapter shall automatically become an ex-officio member of the Management Board but without voting rights.

Can I belong to more than one Chapter?

No, you can only belong to a single Chapter. However, you can participate in events hosted by any chapter.

Can I submit my application to join online?

All applications are received online. The application form is available for download from our website. Submit a copy of your degree and proof of membership from other QS organization with your completed application at You will receive an invitation for an interview.

Do I need to pay an application fee?

No, application is free of charge.

Can I submit the application form on behalf of my friend/colleague?

Yes, you can. We also note who among the applicants are employed by the same company. Acknowledgement and invitation for interview are sent individually.

I am just a new QS with less than 5 years’ experience, can I apply as a member?

If you hold a Diploma or Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or Architecture, then you are eligible to apply as a Member. An appropriate Membership Grade will be given to you based on results of your interview.

I am currently a MRICS, how do I apply as a member of PICQS?

If you are a MRICS, you have a direct entry as a Corporate Member of PICQS and you are automatically invited to be part of the PICQS Mentor Scheme. You will be scheduled for an informal interview which is basically a venue to explain to you how the PICQS operates and your significant role as a Corporate Member.

I want to pursue my RICS APC but my location is not mentioned in one of your Chapters, how can PICQS assist me?

Please contact our Central Knowledge Committee.

I am currently a student in the university, what does PICQS have for me?

If you are a QS student or a Civil Engineering Student of an existing PICQS Academic Partner, with a plan to pursue a QS career, you can apply as Student Member. Please reach out to the Student Member Leaders or contact

Does PICQS provide QS study?

No, PICQS is not a school that provides a QS further study. PICQS provides structured trainings to assist you in preparation for your APC within PICQS and externally such as RICS, AIQS, NZIQS, CIQS.

Notwithstanding the above, PICQS Academy offers Philippine Built Environment (PIBE) Higher National Certificate (HNC) in QS, Micro-Credential Course (6 courses leading to diploma) with Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), Philippine Constructors Association (PCA) Masterclass in QS, and Professional Master in QS Programme offered by University of Technology Sarawak (UTS).

How do I find upcoming PICQS activities?

You can find these on our website calendar and you can catch up and join in any activity from where you are. As a Member you will also receive news and invitations from PICQS to your registered email address. It is important to register a personal account as your primary email address to avoid bouncing emails.

I moved, can I change my Chapter?

Yes, you will be assigned a new Chapter on your new location. You must complete a Membership Transfer Form to be endorsed by your origin Chapter to the Global Membership Committee. This is to ensure continuity of your Membership. You are required to pay all your unsettled dues before raising a request for transfer.

What is my Membership number?

Your Membership Number can be found when you log-in to PICQS using the username and password provided to you by PICQS. Your Membership Number is also shown on your Membership Certificate and Virtual ID.

How do I log-in to my PICQS account?

Once your Membership has been confirmed you will be received and Confirmation Email thru your registered primary email address. Don’t forget to check your Junk or Spam folder for e‐mails coming from PICQS. Go to and use your user credentials. Users must access their account as soon as possible and update their password/profile details.


I forgot my username/password how do I request for a new one and log‐in?

Visit this LINK and look for the ‘Forgot your Password?’ hyperlink:

To recover a forgotten username and password, please provide your primary email address. You will receive a notification mail from the website in the said email address. It will contain your username and a password reset link. You must visit the link as soon as possible to avoid expiration. If the link expires, you can simply request again.

Make sure to use your registered e-mail address when requesting for a new password otherwise you will not receive the e-mail.

Please make sure to clear your browser’s cache and cookies as well.

If you are still encountering problems, you can email for further assistance.

Not receiving mails from PICQS?

Please note that all mail notification will be sent to your registered primary email address. Do not forget to check your Junk or Spam folder for mails coming from PICQS. We are also advising all our members to put in their mail’s whitelist (also called the Approved or Safe Sender list). You may refer to your e-mail clients with regards to whitelisting a sender. To inquire/change your primary email address, members should contact

How do I change my contact information with PICQS?

Member can change their personal and professional information including the contract info in their own account except for the Membership Number, Membership Location, and Membership Grade.

As a new member, when will I receive my PICQS membership card?

Membership Certificates and ID shall be issued in softcopy only and can be downloaded from own account in the website.

When does my Membership expire?

All PICQS memberships are valid for one calendar year, and all accounts must be renewed by December 31. PICQS will accept renewal payments starting 1st October and will issue renewal reminders starting mid-October.

If my membership has lapsed, how can I reinstate?

There is no reinstatement of membership. Returning Members who wish to be readmitted, please note the following:

  1. Can only apply after one (1) year from the date of cancellation. Re-apply on the website as if applying as new member, undergo the admission and orientation process.
  2. Pass the Ethic Test.
  3. Pay current and All arrears at the time of cancellation. Note that NEW membership number reference will be assigned upon readmission.
What are my payment options?

Member can pay on the website.

What does my Membership include? What are the benefits of my Membership?
  • My Membership includes for a Membership ID and Certificate. In addition to this, I am eligible to the PICQS APC Training Program.
  • Assists Members to give them the status and recognition when a post nominal from a recognized QS professional body is attached after your name (MPICQS, MRICS, MAIQS, Assoc RICS, AIQS Affil)
  • Access to local events and CPD resources for your professional development.
  • A support team who shall act as your mentors to guide you in your critical analysis and case study preparation
  • Able to attend study groups and mock interview sessions in preparation for the APC
  • Endorsement of Qualification to recognized QS professional bodies
  • Access to PICQS Weekly, a weekly bulletin on preselected QS topics taken from the APC Competencies, published on the PICQS website
  • Eligibility to join the Buddy Mentor Scheme, a global network of Filipino Quantity Surveyors to share QS knowledge around the world
  • Eligibility to participate in the PAQS (Pacific Association of Quantity Surveyors) Congress
  • Member of the ICEC and additional title of ICECA, International Cost Engineering Council Accredited, may be used in conjunction with the title or post nominals granted by PICQS, subject to membership guidelines
How can I maintain my membership? Does my membership expire?

Membership is valid for one year only from January – December of current Year. Members must execute and comply in the PICQS Membership Validation (Renewal of Membership) requirements which can be done in your own account.

What is a structured training? Is this the same as CPD?

The PICQS Structured Training Program is a program to prepare the Member in his Assessment of Professional Competence (APC) journey to become a Chartered of Certified QS. This is a program accredited by the International Cost Engineering Council (ICEC). Hours earned from this training shall also count as a CPD for external organization’s use. Within PICQS, this Shall count as an Internal CPD. The CPD hosted by PICQS is also offered to Non-members. This program shall count as a career plan progression. The CPD hosted by PICQS is also offered to non-members.

Does PICQS provide online CPD?

This is currently in progress.

Can I join trainings/CPD’s in other Chapters?

Yes you can. You can submit a request to the Chapter concerned and state your reason.

I want to be a trainer, what are the requirements?
  • For you to become a Trainer in the PICQS Structured Training Program, you must at have the following attributes:
  • Chartered or Certified Member of other Professional Organizations and PICQS;
  • In the process of obtaining Chartership or Certified Status, i.e. Associates and APC Candidates of other Professional Organizations and PICQS;
  • Holds a senior role in the construction industry, with a minimum of ten (10) years QS experience;
  • Having a Master’s Degree, a graduate of a QS degree or QS Diploma/Certificate.
Our company has a project and we need QS support/services, can we contact PICQS?

PICQS is a professional organization who has a wide range of network connection with various QS firms. PICQS can help facilitation connecting the company requiring QS support/services to various QS firms.

I am renewing my PRC license and I learned that PICQS is a certified CPD provider, how does this work?

You should contact PICQS Chair and Founder at so you will be guided regarding the schedule of its CPD (open to Non-Members) and PICQS APC Training Program (for Members only).

PICQS CPD online is currently a work-in-progress to assist in the CPD requirements of Non-Members.

PICQS has also tie ups with other professional QS organizations like the RICS who conducts series of FIDIC and Cost and Construction Management Masterclass series, which count as CPD.

I want to provide trainings for my QS Staff? Can PICQS provide this?

Yes,PICQS offers Corporate Trainings.Should you wish to avail,please contact

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