What Are The Benefits of PICQS Membership?

Benefits of PICQS Member:

  • Member holds a Professional QS Membership recognised by local and international Professional Bodies affiliated with PICQS.
  • Member’s recognition by fellow professionals in the local and international built environment.
  • PICQS member recognition and award for contribution to the organization and to the industry.
  • PICQS works for the betterment of members in establishing frameworks for Career Advancements across the areas of education, professionalism, technical standards and membership with the MRA and reciprocity agreements with recognised QS professional bodies.
  • Member’s development of Leadership Skills and People Skills by volunteering as board of trustees, management board, chapter officers and committees.
  • Improved Employment Advantage as local and international preferred PICQS Members.
  • Exclusive member’s access for Professional Development via our own Structured Trainings, various courses, masterclass, congresses and CPD events.
  • Member opportunities of educational and networking with local, Pacific and ASEAN Quantity Surveyors Associations.
  • Member engagement through Sports and CSR activities
  • Member access to Newsletter, Industry Practice Guidelines and Standards
  • Enjoy other benefits which may be extended by the Board of Trustees from time to time.

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